How Would You Like to Win a Car at a Beezid Auction?

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Published: 13th January 2011
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Beezid auctions are adrenaline packed - high octane places to be. This is one of the few places on the Internet where you have the rare opportunity of acquiring items of very high value at ridiculously low prices. Take a car for instance, how would you like to win a car at Beezid, and get this, possibly for just a few dollarsÖ pocket change. You are probably scoffing at the suggestion but you better believe it. It has happened and continues to happen.

If you are one of those people who need evidence, simply browse to the Beezid home page and visit the winnerís circle page. On that page you can view the photos of people who have won various items. More importantly, you will see the photo of a guy called Brian and another guy called Howard; both these chaps won themselves brand spanking new cars. Now, let me state here for the record that I do not own Beezid, neither have I got any affiliation whatsoever with them. I am a mere data analyst with an interest in programming who has figured out a way to beat the bidding system. I actually now believe that it is possible, without much effort, to win a car on Beezid Ö read on.

As a start, you must of course wait until a car comes up for auction. They donít do it too often so you have to be on the lookout everyday. Next, make sure your account has enough bids. In fact, even better you can use the system described at the end of this article to win yourself a bidding pack which you can then use in the car auction. Once you have a large enough number of bids and the car auction comes up, begin bidding. Most car auctions are usually conducted in a "reveal" auction where the price of the item goes down instead of increasing. The price is hidden from your view and you have to click on the "reveal" button. In so doing, you see the price for a few seconds and incur the cost of one bid. Once the price reduces to the asking price, the next bidder gets the option to purchase the car at that price. If the bidder agrees, the auction ends.

The idea is to determine how much you actually want to spend on the auction. This is the amount you should spend on your bids and not a penny more. Now, the next step is where the real secret lies. You need to invest in a software application that helps you get access to information that only Beezid employees have. This application provides you with real time and historical intelligence of all auctions. You get to know who is bidding on what, how many people are in the auction, how they have bid in the past and a whole bunch of data I cannot reveal in this article. The point is that you get an unfair advantage over all other bidders. As soon as the auction price of the car reduces to the amount you are willing to spend, click on the "Buy Now" and claim your ride! Click here to find out more about this software application.

Jason Cooper is an experienced data analyst and has been able to track and analyze all the active Beezid auctions and their bidders to determine the best strategies to beat them. To find out more, see Beezidpro.

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